Watch out for old ladies riding fast horses


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                                             T H E   P A L O M I N O
I assume when starting anything new, you owe your life story. Or  maybe I just think that because like a typical woman, I JUMP at the opportunity to talk about my husband, children, animals and passion for my entrepreneurial spirit.

Amye-Katherine Locock is my name and designing vintage western Tee-shirts is my game. Well actually I just think of the designs and then I have several super talented friends that do the art work for me. A team effort for sure! My mother, Amye Oglesby Craig, created and owns our company, “Three Palominos”.  She was raised on a horse and has had numerous accomplishments with them through the years. And so the story begins like this; About four years ago my mother was in line waiting on a check at a barrel race when a young man struck up a conversation with her. He explained that he was there with his girlfriend and went onto expound on his philosophy about barrel racing. He told my mother that the advice that he had given his girlfriend was that, “what you've got to watch out for are these old ladies riding fast horses.” As my mother chuckled under her breath, she looked at the line of women standing before her and noticed the likes of Sue Miller and Martha Wright. And that was only a couple of the long list of older ladies gathered up to pick up their winning checks. She began to think to herself, “This young man is exactly correct.”  Thus began our journey to Three Palominos, with our very first t-shirt, “Watch Out for Old Ladies Riding Fast Horses.” Rounding out our team is quite possibly the most gorgeous woman I've ever met, Allison Piatak. A bonus for us is that  she is just as beautiful on the inside as the outside. And very intelligent to boot. She always knows how to add that one classic touch to the designs. There are countless other contributors in one way or another to make Team 3P the success that it is. But another person that I can't fail to mention is my daddy, Ken Craig. First I must give him credit for indwelling in me the no fear, live life to the fullest outlook that I wake up with every morning. And he, himself has set an example of a true entrepreneur.  Although my mother and I are almost identical in looks and our political views,  I am my father’s daughter.  Always diving into some new idea and project with a 110% assurity that I can make it work! Much like this blog. (I rarely get 6 hours of sleep and now I want to start a blog. LOL!!.) but back to Daddy, he has been running his own business since he was 15 years old. And as with all self employed people; he has experienced failure and success. But with his famous words to live by, “Never, never, never give up,” he has managed to carve out a wonderful life for his family. And so it is that he gave us the financial backing to start Three Palominos.  I’m sure there have been days that he has wanted to take that investment back.  But he has stood strong with us through the ups and downs. And last but certainly not least is Justin Locock. My one true love and also an entrepreneur in his own right. Owner at ROO Ropes, specializing in Treated Poly Calf Ropes. Through thick and thin, he is always on my side and supports whatever crazy idea I have that day. We have two daughters, Courtney Elizabeth (4), and Margaret Ryan (3).  There are many other people I could name in this blog that have breathed life into Three Palominos,  but then this would be a book,  not a blog and I already have many blog spots with them in mind.  In short, God has blessed us with this awesome experience that we call Three Palominos. It  has been a team effort from the word go and we continue hoping that one of our shirts touches your heart and closet in the near future. And now is born- The Palomino.

With Love,
Amye-Katherine Locock

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